VocabCity.com is part of Vkidz Inc, a small company with innovative approaches to education. Vkidz’s approach is to rely on time-proven best practices in education and apply them in new ways made possible by the changing educational and technical environment.  The successes to date:

Time4Learning.com – Providing an integrated progressive online educational system to the homeschool  and consumer market for PreK-8th Grade.  Time4Learning.com has been successful in providing online education at a reasonable cost to this market through using cutting edge marketing techniques.

Time4Writing.com - Providing personalized writing tutorials using a web-based curriculum. The curriculum follows typical writing methods used throughout the school systems; the innovation is providing over the web. Time4Writing.com is marketed to homeschoolers and consumers.

Vocabulary and SpellingCity.com - A  leading web site in schools and for consumers, the innovation is the automation of the spelling methods used in elementary schools. Typically, teachers integrate the weekly spelling list with skill-building such as  handwriting, vocabulary, reading, fluency, and reading. SpellingCity.com facilitates this integration while dramatically simplifying and automating the process. Also, kids and teachers love it.  SpellingCity.com was used by about 5% of American elementary school students each month during their second year of operations (2009-2010).a

Science4Us.com is an online K-8 science curriculum currently in development.

The founder and president of Vkidz is John Edelson. Mr Edelson founded Vkidz in his living room in 2003 by hiring a programmer and licensing a software applications that he repurposed for consumer use: this is the start of Time4Learning. He created SpellingCity.com and Time4Writing.com from scratch.  The initially programmer hired in 2004 and the first support person hired in 2005 are still with the company as the CTO and Director of Operations respectively.

John Edelson has a long involvement in  visual simulations starting with his years at Silicon Graphics in the late 1980s and early 90s. At the 3DO Company in the early and mid 90s, he was very involved in the generational video game transition from games built on simple algorithms with 2D sprite graphics to games with real-time 3D photorealistic graphics and physics engines.

Mr Edelson was the producer on Croc, Legend of the Gobos, a Sony Playstation game that went Platinum.  He was the turn-around manager at Argonaut – a 100 person diversified entertainment and technology company in London.  He managed it for three years improving quality, growth, and profitability. He   He spun-out and joined ARC, a new company in the semiconductor intellectual property industry.  Mr. Edelson, as Senior Vice President of ARC, helped grow ARC from 10 to 300 people.  Mr. Edelson consulted to Vcom3D, an educational software company for the deaf and hard of hearing and Time2Read, an educational software company providing standards-based online programs to elementary school systems. Mr. Edelson has previous professional experience at The 3DO Company, SGI and Price Waterhouse.

John Edelson has a BA from Yale cum laude and an MBA from Harvard. He served in the Peace Corps in West Africa for two years. As the proud father of three children, Mr. Edelson has a deep interest in improving education through technology.

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